Our Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab

In the computer lab, there are chrome books.  We can use the chrome books to use educational websites like kids.education.com, Raz-Kids, and Reading Counts. Kids.education.com is like an education game with reading, writing, math, and typing.  First, you pick a grade Pre-K through 5th.  Raz-Kids is also a game. There are reading levels, a login password, and a teacher log in too.  Your teacher will tell you your login information.  Your teacher will put you on a certain level and if you read all the books then you step up to the next letter of the alphabet.  It goes up to z. Last but not least, is Reading Counts! Reading counts is also a game quiz so you read a book, the bigger the better, and you take a quiz on it on Reading Counts.  If you get more than six questions right then you pass and get points.  If it’s lower than six you don’t get any points and when you’re done you should press review to see your wrong answers. If you get a lot of points then you may even win an award.  As you can see we use the computer lab to play games, do quizzes and learn.

By Irene, Second Grade, Room 17

February 2018

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