Wild For Life – Kinder STEAM Project

Wild For Life – Kinder STEAM Project

What Changes Can We Make in Our Lives in Order to Protect our Climate?

Our Kindergarten explored this question with many different experiments.  See the pictures:

(The Importance of Environment on Students Existence)


Lesson Topic: What do we need to survive? What is Climate? What do we do/ use that may impact climate? What changes can we make in our lives to protect our climate?
Information: –          Needs of survival: air, food, water, shelter 1.      Weather vs. climate

2.      Climate impact living things

3.      Problems with our climate

a.      Why is the Earth getting warmer and the results?

b.      Why has the weather become more severe?

c.       How do scientists know the earth is warming and the climate is changing?

–          What do humans use or do that impact our climate? How they are made/ disposed of

–          Harmful gasses we expel into the air.

–          What are greenhouse gases?

–          How does it cause global warming?

–          How this impacts us individually, locally, nationally, and globally.

–          Adapt and change.

–          What products do you use, what can you replace them with?

        Create something that will lessen the impact on our environment.

–          Think, design, build